CURRENT AVAILABILITY STATUS: I'm available if you need rush service.

Need your custom "name" mandala or other custom artwork finished quicker than the standard wait time? I get it. Sometimes gifts are a little more last minute than we'd like.

Add this option to your shopping cart (along with your artwork order) when you order your custom art, and I will finish it and deliver the finished artwork (in high resolution) to you within 48 hours, often even faster than that. 

Yep. You can skip the line. And I won't tell on you, don't worry.


Why does it cost this much?

I know we live in a world where we've grown used to getting things at hyper speed, but I don't rush art. You do want quality, right?

There is a waiting list already of people in front of you, and I also have other things going on in life. If it's worth it to you to pay the extra, it's worth it to me to rearrange everything to accommodate your needs. Fair enough? 

What happens if you can't finish it within 48 hours?

Unless there is some type of emergency, I will. And often much quicker. If I am available for this option, it will show on the "current availability status" above. If something happens and I can't finish it in time, I'll either refund the rush fee, or I will refund the entire thing. I'll leave that up to you. Just know that I have yet to not finish one on time, so rest easy.

Do you have any cheaper options for longer time?

I get asked this a lot. I only offer one rush option because anything less just isn't worth the time and effort it will take me to rearrange everything I'm doing and shift the line back a notch.

Will the quality suffer if I "rush my order?"

Not at all. I do not ever actually rush the art. I simply rush the priority of when I get yours done. Your rush job will get the same love and care that any other custom mandala or artwork gets from me, it will just jump to the front of the line.