Beautiful Body Art Print by Artist Dan Pearce (Mandalas, Mandalas, Mandalas!)


Dan Pearce is a body painter, painting nude and semi-nude models in beautiful and abstract ways. 

This body painting was full of extremely intricate details (all hand painted with a brush), and the print looks fantastic framed. It will add a touch of avant garde to your overall decorating scheme.

Print is printed as a photograph on high quality photo paper through a professional printer.

Frame is not included and is only on this webpage as an example of how this body painting print would look framed.

If you are interested in being body painted by Dan Pearce... He offers that option for purchase right here in The Danoah Shop! Click here to learn more.

Are you interested in a custom hand-drawn mandala or mandala-style artwork of your own? I offer that. Click here for more information.